Whose choke to the Patriots in the Super Bowl was worse?

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Whose choke to the Patriots in the Super Bowl was worse?
6 May 2023
Whose Choke to the Patriots in the Super Bowl was Worse?

Whose Choke to the Patriots in the Super Bowl was Worse?

Introduction: Setting the Stage

As a football fan, I've experienced the highs and lows of the sport, but nothing quite compares to the feeling of watching your team choke in the Super Bowl. In this article, we're going to analyze two of the most infamous chokes against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl history. We'll break down the key moments, the implications, and ultimately, answer the question: Whose choke to the Patriots in the Super Bowl was worse?

Super Bowl XLII: The Undefeated Patriots vs. the Giants

In 2008, the New England Patriots were on the verge of making history. With an undefeated 18-0 record, they were one win away from becoming the first team to go 19-0 in a single season. The only thing standing in their way was the seemingly overmatched New York Giants. But as we all know, things didn't go as planned for the Patriots.

What made this choke so memorable was the fact that the Patriots were heavily favored to win. The Giants were a wildcard team with a 10-6 record, and few expected them to put up much of a fight. However, the Giants' relentless pass rush and Eli Manning's heroics ended the Patriots' perfect season with a stunning 17-14 victory.

Super Bowl LI: The Falcons' 28-3 Lead Disappears

Fast forward to 2017, and the Patriots were once again in the Super Bowl, this time facing the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons, led by MVP quarterback Matt Ryan, stormed out to a seemingly insurmountable 28-3 lead midway through the third quarter. But as we all know, this game became the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Through a combination of questionable play-calling, costly mistakes, and Tom Brady's sheer brilliance, the Patriots clawed their way back into the game, ultimately winning in overtime, 34-28. The collapse left Falcons fans stunned and solidified the Patriots' reputation as the NFL's comeback kings.

Key Moments: The Helmet Catch vs. The Edelman Catch

When discussing these two infamous chokes, it's impossible not to mention the iconic plays that helped seal the Patriots' fate in both games. In Super Bowl XLII, it was David Tyree's miraculous helmet catch on a crucial third down that kept the Giants' game-winning drive alive. This catch is still considered one of the greatest plays in NFL history and helped propel the Giants to victory.

In Super Bowl LI, it was Julian Edelman's incredible catch off a tipped pass that kept the Patriots' comeback hopes alive. Edelman's catch, much like Tyree's, is considered one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history and helped set the stage for the Patriots' game-tying touchdown.

Coaching Decisions: Belichick's Genius vs. Quinn's Mistakes

Another factor in determining the worse choke is the coaching decisions made in each game. In Super Bowl XLII, Bill Belichick's aggressive play-calling and defensive adjustments helped keep the Patriots in the game despite the Giants' relentless pass rush.

On the other hand, in Super Bowl LI, Falcons head coach Dan Quinn made several questionable decisions that contributed to the team's collapse. From aggressive play-calling that led to a crucial sack and fumble, to poor clock management, Quinn's coaching mistakes played a significant role in the Falcons' choke.

Legacy: Crushing the Perfect Season vs. The Birth of a Dynasty

When considering the impact of each choke, it's important to consider the legacy each game left behind. The Patriots' loss in Super Bowl XLII prevented them from achieving perfection and solidified the Giants as a true underdog story. It also served as a reminder that anything can happen in football, and no team is invincible.

Super Bowl LI, on the other hand, cemented the Patriots' legacy as the greatest dynasty in NFL history. The comeback victory not only showcased Tom Brady's greatness but also demonstrated the never-say-die attitude that has come to define the Patriots' organization.

So, Whose Choke Was Worse?

After analyzing the key moments, coaching decisions, and the lasting impact of each game, it's time to answer the question: Whose choke to the Patriots in the Super Bowl was worse?

In my opinion, the Falcons' collapse in Super Bowl LI was the worse choke. While the Patriots' loss in Super Bowl XLII was certainly disappointing, the Giants' victory was a testament to their resilience and the unpredictability of football. On the other hand, the Falcons' choke was a result of a series of costly mistakes and questionable coaching decisions that ultimately allowed the Patriots to mount the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Conclusion: Learning from the Past

While reliving these heart-wrenching moments may be painful for fans, it's important to remember that every game serves as a learning experience. Both the Giants' upset and the Falcons' collapse teach us valuable lessons about perseverance, strategy, and the importance of never giving up. So, as we continue to enjoy the unpredictable thrill of football, let's remember these iconic games and the lessons they've taught us.

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